WOW really lucky to get a pre production model of the nanoSPARK from Exotac.

This is probably the first review of this great bit of fire lighting kit.

This is available via Kickstarter on pre order HERE and Exotac’s website is HERE

This makes firelighting really easy and with the self contained tinder its a breeze.

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A reincarnation from the Polymath chaps of their renown Mini Survival Tin, this is the V 2 slightly bigger and a lot more packed into it.

Get yours from Polymath HERE

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The polymath boys have done it again, great quality and totally functional EDC Fire Kit.

Get yours from Polymath’s online shop HERE 

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WOW, what a great concept, the EDC wallet redefined.

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Get yours from Trayvax HERE

Nice bit of new tech here.

Ever been stuck wanting to take a photo of yourself/ves? want a helping hand in the kitchen, or a holder for your phone or tablet?

Get yours from Nanohold HERE

Chance to win 2 sets of 2 by following instructions on review.  Closing date SUNDAY 14th MAY.

Check out the following video review.

Fantastic EDC and key storage system.

Available from Keyport HERE

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Titanium 13 in 1 EDC tool

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Lovely bit of kit this, available form Huckberry in the US of A.

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