First aid basics – Life savers.

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Misc
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One set of EDC I have carried for years is a small first aid kit usually found in my work or Man bag, a larger one in my car and of course lots of bits at home.

I have aways had easy access to the 3 following items, currently located on an outside pocket of my man/,messenger bag in a phone pocket.  Note this bag is when a nokia was a good phone pre iPhone so not really practical.

Its a crap bag so no pics, I am after a Maxpedition, which Ill get one day, nice but a bit pricey.

Gloves – to make sure i do not cross infect or get infected.

Resuscitation Mask – if i have to do CPR I wont get covered in goo!!

Asprin – for Heart Attack victims.

I thought i knew my first aid as i was a first adier at work many moons ago, aso had an app and read a few articles. WRONG!!!!!!

As recently as last Friday I did a course with St Johns Ambulance – Emergency first Aid at Work and realised I was more than rusty.  They also supplied us with a mask and nitrile gloves which were a little smaller and thinner than my previous set so I have had a switch around.  Photos to depict the old and new.

Link to St Johns


Life saving


best to get some training – but that would then be a Pro.


IMG_3528 IMG_3529

  1. ldunnjr01 says:

    Reblogged this on Everyday Carry Survival and commented:
    “best to get some training”


  2. Much as I like SJA,their advice on giving someone Aspirin to a suspected heart attack patient can be fraught with problems.

    You always ask if the patient is allergic to anything and what drugs they are taking BEFORE giving them Aspirin but the 400 odd drug interactions are the reason why I don’t carry NSAIDS in my EDC.

    Get it wrong (and I don’t carry a full list of what reacts with what) and it could lead to full on anaphylactic shock.

    Impaired breathing: this may range from a tight chest to severe difficulty
    There may be a wheeze or gasping for air
    Signs of shock
    Widespread blotchy skin eruption
    Swelling of the tongue and throat
    Puffiness around the eyes

    On top of the heart attack, it can get “challenging”.

    Just a thought.


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